saralabirlagyanjyoti saralabirlagyanjyoti "Ignorance is the root cause of unhappiness. If we have to banish poverty and unhappiness, we should make efforts to spread education."

- G. D. Birla
(1894 - 1983)

Our Campus:

With a sprawling campus situated at picturesque estate, the school has separate blocks interlinked by the administrative wing.

Its spacious classrooms have been designed to optimize natural light and ventilation. Specially designed modern , ergonomic furniture ensures that pupils do not suffer fatigue.



At Sarala Birla we believe in inspired learning where traditional methods of imparting education goes hand in hand with technology. This has led to a paradigm shift where technology makes classroom teaching vibrant and made the lessons come alive . Educomp empowered the teacher with well researched, mapped to curriculum digital modules which he/she could project right in the classrooms to elucidate and explain concepts. Thus teaching and learning became a process of exploration and participation in the journey of discovering new concepts. Use of technology in teaching at Sarala Birla Gyan jyoti starts from the kindergarten level and continues till the secondary level .


Mindspark is a computer based self-learning programme that helps the children improve their skills in Maths. Through an intelligent program logic, it allows each student to follow a learning path that is based on her need - at a pace she is comfortable with. The interactive interface ensures that the student is not learning passively by listening to someone, or viewing ready-made solutions, but learning by answering questions of progressively increasing complexity levels.

Students tend to find certain Maths concepts confusing and the difficult levels are not the same for every child. Repeated failure to solve sums leads the child to losing interest in the subject. At the heart of Mindspark is the theory that students learn best when they control the pace of learning. Every child has her own pace of learning. There have been several successful experiments worldwide on this. Mindspark is inspired by various such experiments.

A key advantage of Mindspark is the fact that it successfully harnesses the power of new technologies to bolster learning. An intelligent computer system uses a complex adaptive logic to decide what problem to serve up to a student next, based on her response to the current problem and problems answered earlier. The student not only learns at her pace but is allowed to clear her doubts with the help of explanations where needed. The system is able to identify when a student needs help to understand a concept, and proceeds to give her explanations that will help her move ahead.

1. Though Mind Spark the students learn Maths and language by employing a constructivist theory of learning by answering questions that are appropriate to their current understanding.
2. It remediates misconceptions identified through 10 years of ASSET tests with more than 2 million data points
3. It supports teachers in schools to teach according to the need as opposed to a regular rehearsal based on his/her own intuition on what kids don't know


The school has a large well stocked library with books on a variety of subjects. Reference books on diverse disciplines- from pure sciences to forestry, environmental studies to literature and drama, from epic to bestsellers - are all available to keep the students abreast of happenings around the world.

The school has well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics with state of the art instruments to ensure mastery of science subjects. It allows the students the opportunity to experiment and learn.
The school has two well equipped Computer Laboratories with a variety of latest software, internet connection and modern multimedia technology to facilitate optimum learning with the help of audio visual aids.

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